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The Latest News
16.04.2017 http://vm.nostalgy.net.ru is unavailable.
24.09.2014 The book of "Java Examples in a Nutshell" (by David Flanagan) is available now.
21.08.2014 There has been written the way to run "The Debian Web Server" on QEMU.
13.06.2014 The Red Hat Exams have been added.
07.06.2014 The system's image is now available in the project of "The Debian Web Server".
06.06.2014 The system's kernel has been updated up to the version 3.14 in the project of "The Debian Web Server". The operating system works quicker. Its image is going to be uploaded on the server in the near future. This will be reported on the site's news.
In this section, we tell you about the latest updates on the web site.

This site has existed since 2010. It is dedicated to my projects! Mostly, to virtual machines.
As for me, I'm its owner and proprietor. My name is Artem. I live in the City of Novosibirsk, Novosibirsk Oblast, Russia.
I'm interested in examining DOS, Linux (by way of example of Debian GNU/Linux). Also, I do some programming in BASIC, Turbo Assembler, JavaScript. I'm concerned with old hardware as well.
I'm pretty sure virtual machines are our future. They're flexible, scalable, a good help for a system administrator to quickly deploy an operating system; and are easy to be backed up.
I am open to any questions about this site's content. You may find me at the [contacts] page.

The additional packet drivers for adapters are available from "Crynwr Software".
Are you looking for an Intel PRO/100 packet driver? It's here!