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The CentOS Web Server

It's an anniversary since the project of The Debian Web Server was released first. And I was hatching out a new idea of making the same thing with an RPM-based Linux distribution. So it's been done. Meet another web server based on Linux as well.
I took the CentOS 6.5 Final distro as a basis to it. Also, I upgraded the Linux kernel up to the 3.14.1-1. It was being a mainline version of Linux at that moment.
Here is below what things were installed by default:

For further information, see the Debian Web Server project.
Please, feel free to contact me if you need.

Created April 30-th, 2014. Copyleft Artem V. Efremov,

[part 1, 650 Mb] [part 2, 650 Mb] [part 3, 106 Mb]